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        S = Self-defense

        E = Education

        F = Fitness

The SEF Society is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization established with the aim of developing and expanding activities related to education, self-defense and fitness, as well as the implementation of other activities in accordance with the law and the statute of the organization.

NEWS On 2 and 3 September 2023, the 6th SEF Self-defense seminar organized by the Society "SEF" was held in Sizje (Lukavac).

Founded: 16 May 2015 in Lukavac, Tuzla Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Address: Armije RBiH BB, 75300 Lukavac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Phone: 00387 61 164 631



Management: Contact

ID number: 4210250030001

Account: 1321002017269044 NLB Banka d.d., Sarajevo


SEF Academies  -  SEF Society


SEF Academy "Gard" (Lukavac)

Address:  Armije RBiH bb, 75300 Lukavac, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Phone:     00387 61 164 631
Website:  Gard

SEF Academy "Park" (Sižje)

Address:  Sižje bb, 75300 Lukavac, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Phone:     00387 61 063 805
Website:  Park
Associations, organizations, clubs:
Representatives of associations, organizations or clubs interested in joining the SEF Society,
can contact us via email
New SEF Academy:
If you are interested in establishing a SEF Academy that would operate as part of the SEF Society, please feel free to contact us.
New members:
All those who would like to receive additional education through various SEF Education programs, practice and learn the effective martial art system of SEF Self-Defense or improve their psychophysical and health status with a quality and innovative SEF Fitness program are welcome to one of the SEF Academies operating within the SEF Society.
Call us, write to us or visit us.
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