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SEF Fitness is a modern system of physical training, a way of healthy life, harmony and constant improvement and progress.

Improve your appearance, be healthier and more satisfied, progress, develop and spend your time well. Join us!

Message from the founder of SEF Fitness

In accordance with the universal law of cause and effect, our destiny is largely determined with our thoughts, words, behavior and actions.

Our thoughts and actions affect the state of our body, mind and soul.

We can not expect to be satisfied with our mental, spiritual or physical condition if we do not work on perfecting it.

Naturally, no one and nothing is perfect and a person should be satisfied with his abilities at the present time, but you can always do more and better.

SEF Fitness can help you to build a better, more harmonious, healthier body and establish a balance of body, mind and soul.

We will be happy to help you reach your goal.

It is time for improvement, we are waiting for you.

The Founder of SEF Fitness

Everything we have done so far, what we have been through so far, has built us up and made us what we are. Our choices and our future deeds are what largely determine our future. David Kulisic

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Tuesday     17:30-18:30
Thursday    17:30-18:30
Sunday      13:15-14:15
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